With growing demand of our investors we are happy to inform you that our finance team has approved the payeer gateway and it Tradeobug Shall be starting to accept funds through payeer Very soon , Stay tuned for more updates

Perfect Money - Payment Gateway


As Demanded by our dedicated memebers we are happy to integrete new payment gateway of Perfect money on our website, which will be more convineant to investors all over globe.

Official launch of TradeoBug Limited


We're delighted by the successful launch of "Tradeobug's" Portfolio Manager's Company on October 1st, 2016. Tradeobug a boutique of investment portfolios from the country of Artists, As Architects of Wealth we provide our clients with exceptional service and expert advice to the investors who aspire to perceive their career in the financial markets.

In the global markets, we believe that retail investors still finds it difficult to invest. With Tradeobug we are offering the investors a facility which provides a single-point access for various financial platforms like MT4, Social Copy Trade, Auto-Bot, Real-Time Bidding. 

The asset allocation include direct investments in Crypto currencies like Bitcoin and selected FOREX, Commodities like Oils and Gases or Precious Metals, Global Equity; coupled by the techniques of F&O’s & CFD’s.

Thanks for investing the time to get to know us by learning our philosophies and business plan. We’re here for you.