• What is TradeoBug ?

    TradeoBug! is a boutique of investment portfolio(s) serving the investors who aspire to make their career and future in the financial markets. We design the portfolios with the belief that investment and returns should be as exciting and fun as the end result. A sustainable philosophy is at the heart of everything we do and we are committed to achieve superior performance in delivering the desired outcome to all our stake holders.

  • How does it work ?

    We are super easy to work with as long as you go along with our ideas. At TradeoBug, we train our trader`s and AutoBOT`s to engineer the world`s best portfolio(s), break the cycle of extremely volatile market and build a profitable future with an ultimatum to spread good times and enable financial freedom.

  • Who is CEO of Tradeobug ?

    Robert Rill is President and Chief Executive Officer of, He is a Financial market strategist and a leader in technical analysis of the foreign exchange (forex) and currency markets, stocks, options Robert Rill is a trained economist with over six years of professional experience as a Currency Analyst at FXCM and also served as a Senior Economist and Financial Market Strategist at ING Bank Slaski and as a Chief of Technical Research and Education at FX Solutions Also a Scholar of many disciplines, Who graduated in Business Administration with honors at the Tufts University and went on to perceive his PhD in Financial markets and Intermediaries at the Sumy State University.

  • How many types of wallets does Tradeobug has & its Description ?

    Tradeobug has got five wallets named as "Smart Income wallet, Affiliate wallet, Matrix wallet, Core wallet, Reward Points."
    Smart Income wallet :- is also known as Income wallet where you will get passive income or daily income.
    Affiliate wallet :- Is also known as Referral income wallet where you will get referral income by referring yours down lines.
    Matrix wallet :- Is also known as Binary income wallet where you will get binary income by growing your network tree. Binary will be paid for 1:1 ratio.
    Core wallet :- It is the wallet where you bring in funds through payment processers like Bitcion, Paypal, Payeer, etc... , also known as fund wallet.
    Reward Points :- it is the wallet where your reward points will get accumulated.

  • What is wallet transfer ?

    Wallet transfer is facility to transfer wallet balances between any other Tradeobug accounts within same name wallets.

  • Can i transfer any wallet balance between any TradeoBug accounts directly ?

    Yes, transferring balance directly between any other TradeoBug accounts is possible. This can only be achieved by transferring from your Main Account to any desired TradeoBug Account.
    You Affiliate wallet amount can be used to transfer to your downline account or to any other TradeoBug in-circle account. Transfer to bank facility and withdraw funds to any available payment processor.
    Note: Funds can be transferred from Smart Income wallet to Smart Income wallet only or Affiliate wallet to Affiliate wallet only & Matrix wallet to Matrix wallet only. Cross wallet transfers are not possible.

  • How can I Franchise your business ?

    Ans:- For franchise details go to and fill all the details in " DROP US A QUERY " and click on send, by which service ticket will be generated and a representative from the company will contact you via email or phone and will offer you to buy our Franchise Information Pack which comes along with Operations Manual and a Legal Brief prior to obtaining a Franchise Agreement.
    We will also offer a Training Program to know your competition, Market in which your business operates & determine the key 'wow' factor of our business to increase market potential & business longevity.