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We are super easy to work with as long as you go along with our ideas


We passionately believe that quality investment products can be made in every market and we are excited to share it with you.

TradeoBug! Is a boutique of investment portfolios from the country of Artists, As Architects of Wealth we provide our clients with exceptional service and expert advice to the investors who aspire to make their career & future in the financial markets. We design the portfolios with the belief that investment and returns should be as exciting and fun as the end result. A sustainable philosophy is at the heart of everything we do, and we are committed to achieve superior performance in delivering the desired outcome to all our stakeholders.


We are built by people who want to be global leaders in their field. Our Trader′s analyse every word in the news to discover every opportunity in the most volatile markets, because there is no single formula for trading successfully.

With TradeoBug, You have the advantage to be in the seed or early stage of the company′s life-cycle.

We know how to manage your money & we know how to make money for you. We offer to our investors a unique client accounts that are accessible only to Wealthy families, entrepreneurs, ultra-high net worth individuals, intermediaries and financial institutions.


To provide world class "one-point" services to clients through integration of state of the art technology, and to establish a "Fail Proof" framework with future expansion project's ranging from Natural Resources mining such as Gold anf to Crypto mining of Bitcoin.


The three pillars of trust, transparency & knowledge and business ethics which surpass the client′s expectations in all dimensions.

Trading Excellence

Corporate Governance

Marketing Strategies


Robert Rill is President and Chief Executive Officer of [TradeoBug], He is a Financial market strategist and a leader in technical analysis of the foreign exchange (forex) and currency markets, stocks, options

Robert Rill is a trained economist with over six years of professional experience as a Currency Analyst at FXCM, and also served as a Senior Economist and Financial Market Strategist at ING Bank Slaski, & as a Chief of Technical Research and Education at FX Solutions

Also a Scholar of many disciplines, Who graduated in Business Administration with Honor's at the Tufts University and went on to perceive his PhD in Financial markets and Intermediaries at the Sumy State University.